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Spousal Support And Alimony

Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support is (depending on the facts of each case) one of the most highly litigated issues during the course of the dissolution proceedings. One party may be in desperate need of support while another may be intentionally not working or reducing her or his income to avoid paying support. Other issues may involve the underemployed spouse, the spouse that may be hiding income (oftentimes in self-employed cases), the spouse who simply refuses to get a job and attempt to provide for his or her own support or the spouse that has made no attempts to become self-supporting after years of being paid spousal support. Every situation is unique and the representation for each case should be just as unique. What factors the Court considers at the outset of the case on spousal support cases (temporary spousal support) versus at the conclusion (or permanent spousal support) vary greatly and their implications are just as important.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in temporary and permanent spousal support cases, co-habitation issues, modifications of existing spousal support orders and enforcement of spousal support payments (garnishments, wage assignments, bank levies, contempt proceedings, etc.).

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