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Wilshire Family Law Attorney

Expert Family Law Attorneys

It is a difficult challenge for parties in a relationship, as well as the children from the relationship, to deal with divorce or the various facets of family law issues. Being a firm with a practice in Los Angeles and Orange that is exclusively focused on family law gives us the opportunity to provide exceptional guidance to our clients from the simplest to the most complicated family law issues.

Our lawyers at Razai & Nefulda are equipped with the knowledge and experience to be able to fully explain to our clients how the process works and what resources to utilize to resolve your disputes. We strive to provide legal services in an efficient and thoughtful manner. We analyze the needs of our clients and match it with one of our lawyers to ensure the right “fit” and comfort level for our clients.

Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles

The end of a marriage is a difficult and emotional process and it becomes more complicated when dealing with property division, custody and support issues. We recognize the difficulties that the process entails and strive to make the process as clear, concise and understandable to our clients as possible. Our clients make the decisions in their cases, not the attorneys. We explore their options, the potential ramifications (both good and bad) in every case and let our clients (with our guidance) make the decisions that will best impact their lives.