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Division of Property During Divorce

Lawyers for Property Division

The property you have amassed during your union is part of your future and potential financial security. It is important that you have the representation of a knowledgeable Los Angeles property division divorce lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

California Property Division

Any property that either party acquires  during the duration of the marriage is presumed to be community property. That presumption can be overcome by showing the use of separate property for the acquisition of property during the marriage. Additionally, inheritance, gifts, bequests, devises or any property that was received or acquired before the marriage or post-separation is presumed to be the receiving party’s sole and separate property.

Knowing how to “trace” your separate property funds (if they have been commingled) and how to prove your separate property claims can mean the difference between retaining your separate property assets or potentially having to divide it with your significant other (if you cannot meet your burden of proof). Our attorneys have handled significant property division issues (both in proving the separate property claims and opposing them). Speak with one of our family law property division attorneys to better understand what truly is at stake in the dissolution proceedings and how planning early in the process can make a substantial impact in what is and isn’t divided with your significant other in the dissolution process.

Protection of Your Property Rights

We have handled disputes with respect to issues of valuations, characterization, commingling, Moore/Marsden issues, among other property division issues that arise during the division of estates in divorce proceedings.

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