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Child Support Attorney in California

An experienced Los Angeles child support attorney can be critical in the outcome of your child support case.

California Laws on Child Support

The amount of child support that the court will order depends on a calculation known as the California Child Support Formula Guideline. However, there are cases wherein the court will and can deviate from such calculations.

Our Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Los Angeles attorneys have the experience and expertise to provide you with an accurate computation based on the guidelines used by the Courts. We analyze each case, run the appropriate calculations so clients have an idea of what to expect during the course of litigation in terms of child support and advise each client of areas that may potentially impact the result of his or her case.

If your child support payments are higher than what it should be or if you are getting less than what should be ordered, our attorneys can provide you with proposed calculations and explore your options in modifying the court orders. Our attorneys also enforce child support obligations whether by garnishments, levies, contempt or other enforcement procedures. We have also represented clients in DCSS cases, as well as in appeals in child support cases.